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My Philosophy

I believe the intelligence that designed your body not only keeps the body alive, but also rebuilds, renews and restores cellular and organ vitality.

The nervous system is the main organizing system and distribution center for your body's innate intelligence. Your nervous system must be in good working order if you want to be healthy. It controls everything.

Chiropractic care is designed to enhance and balance your nervous system by removing interferences (usually along the spine) to your body's nerve communications. As these pathways are restored, your body repairs, heals and maintains every function of your body.

What’s Eating You?

To properly heal and remain healthy, your body must have the essential raw materials.

Avoid the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.)! Otherwise, you’re eating manufactured “foods” filled with preservatives, insecticides, fungicides, dioxins, molds (like aflatoxins), PCBs, mercury and other toxic chemicals. These poisons place a tremendous burden on your body. Eat whole foods. What are whole foods? They are foods that have no other ingredients except themselves. Examples would be: brown rice, vegtables, fruits and raw nuts. 

That Tired, Run Down Feeling

The average person in America consumes 12 different medications per year. What doctor could possible know how all those drugs might be interacting?   

A drug (of any type) is seen as a foreign substance to the body. This puts a load on your liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. Taxing your system in this way can interfere with the metabolism of each cell of your body, making you tired.

Have you noticed the amount of fatigue in our society? No wonder coffee shops (another popular drug) are so prevalent!

The result is an increase in the production of "free radicals" that damage cells and can accelerate the progression of cancers, cardiovascular disease and a host of other age-related neurological and autoimmune diseases.

The Constant Battle With Gravity

Many people inadvertently stress their bodies by how they sit, sleep, stand and walk. We believe it’s our obligation to point out simple enhancements you can make that can improve how you interact (ergonomics) with your physical environment. Expect us to ask you about your workstation, chair, couch, bed, pillow, car seat and shoes. Often we can prevent future problems with a few simple suggestions.

Although these concepts are still new to many, they are becoming more and more mainstream. Call to arrange a consultation today.