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Port Ludlow Chiropractor, Dr. Jerry Brady

Dr. Jerry Brady's First Chiropractic Visit

"I woke up every morning in such intense pain I cried from the agony. It was like a burning hot poker stabbing in my back. Nothing I did brought relief.
My future seemed very bleak and scary. If I was in this much pain now, what would my future be like? Something had to change!"

Port Ludlow Chiropractor: Dr. Jerry Brady

Port Ludlow Chiropractor: Dr. Jerry Brady

Years of seeing medical doctors hadn't helped. I knew I needed to do something fast before I was crippled. Ironically, my plan had always been to attend medical school. I wanted to help others, yet I couldn't even help myself!

"Have you tried chiropractic?" a college friend of mine asked.

I snidely shot back that chiropractors were not "real doctors" and how could they possibly help me when all the medical professionals were clueless.

At the end of my rope, with my kidneys failing from all the pain medication, I took my friend's advice and scheduled an appointment with a chiropractor.
It was the most thorough exam I'd ever received. And I walked out of that clinic with the first relief I had had in years. I was unable to repress the smile on my face and I was suddenly filled with hope that my life could be brighter.

Chiropractic Career Path, A Smart Decision

"You couldn't shut me up. I told everyone! Before long, I was enrolled in chiropractic college. Choosing chiropractic as my career path was one of the smartest decisions I ever made. Today, what puts a smile on my face is that I have had the honor and privilege of helping thousands of people to achieve similar changes in their lives. If you call my office, you'll be giving yourself that chance... the natural way. Click here to read my philosophy."

Dr. Jerry Brady, Personally

Raised in a large family in the Midwest Dr. Brady has a relaxed, comforting manner that patients find soothing. His wife, Kathryn, works in the practice and manages the office. She is the friendly face and voice that will greet you on your first contact with Brady Chiropractic. Kathryn is a cowgirl at heart and tends to her two horses, a cat and dog. She also has an organic vegtable garden.  Dr. Jerry is an enthusiastic golfer. He is an avid reader and student of different cultures, languages and people. He loves music and is self-taught in guitar, piano and vocals.

Ok, that's enough about us! How can we help you learn more about the modern safe and natural approach to health care? Give our Port Ludlow office a call so we can help you take your next step towards better health. You deserve to feel better. Call now!  360 437-8008