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Dr. Jerry Brady, Chiropractic Training and Experience

Chiropractic Education and Certification

Dr. Brady has studied and traveled abroad on four continents and is fluent in Spanish.

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Minnesota.
  • Doctor of Chiropractic Degree, Northwestern Health Sciences University, December 1980.
  • He has successfully passed all National Board requirements for certification to practice.

Post-Graduate Chiropractic Training:

Hundreds of post-graduate training hours (too numerous to list) in a variety of clinical subjects including chiropractic methodologies, radiology, clinical nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine, energy medicine and functional medicine seminars. Orthopedics, personal injury and motor vehicle accident reconstruction and interpretation, sports rehabilitation, and clinical management courses have been taken. He has training in acupuncture and has traveled to China where he spent time in their hospitals and medicinal apothecaries. He does not presently maintain an active acupuncture license in the State of Washington, yet he does bring this holistic understanding to his services.

Dr. Brady has had several successful chiropractic clinics over a quarter century and he has treated thousands of patients.He has served as an external clinical faculty in the preceptorship program training numerous chiropractic interns on behalf of Northwestern College of Chiropractic assisting each doctor on to successful careers.

Dr. Brady has been repeatedly interviewed on television and radio as an authority in his profession along side such individuals as Deepak Chopra M.D. author of over 35 books, and Michael Greenburg M.D. medical author and practitioner. Regular health education workshops have been delivered by Dr. Brady to his patients on maintaining healthier lifestyles, conservative rehabilitation of injuries, disease prevention and health enhancement for nearly three decades.

A perpetual student of the life sciences, Dr. Brady is involved in several world betterment projects such as the World Literacy Campaign, drug rehabilitation programs, and environmental balance. He believes we need to set a good example for our children and grandchildren so that earth remains a habitable planet for future generations.

Dr. Brady is available upon request to speak to Port Ludlow-area audiences on a variety of health related subjects.

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