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Hearing Improved With Chiropractic - Case Series

A case series study published inside the January 19, 2006 publication of the scientific journal, Chiropractic & Osteopathy, documents the improvements in hearing in study subjects after a chiropractic adjustment. The journal, Chiropractic & Osteopathy is the official journal of the Chiropractic & Osteopathic College of Australasia.

The study is significant as it looked for a scientific foundation for the story behind the very first chiropractic adjustment. In 1895, in Davenport Iowa, Dr. DD Palmer, a self taught healer, encountered a janitor, Harvey Lillard who had been working in the building that housed the office of Dr. Palmer. As history records, Harvey had lost the majority of his hearing 17 years earlier while working and bending.
Although accounts differ, it's accepted that Dr. Palmer examined Harvey and determined that a bone within his spine was out of place. He came to the conclusion that this spinal misalignment was explanation for the hearing loss that Harvey was experiencing. Dr. Palmer then proceeded to provide Harvey with the very first intentional and purposeful chiropractic adjustment. The result was that Harvey's hearing was restored.

In this series case study, fifteen people with various levels of hearing loss were tested for particular frequencies to determine their degree of hearing loss. These subjects were then given simply a single chiropractic adjustment and subsequently re-tested for any changes in hearing.
After just one adjustment the majority of the participants experienced significant hearing improvement at various tone levels. By using a standardized testing process referred to as Ventry & Weinstein criteria, improvement was shown at various degrees of hearing
. At 40dB, 6 subjects had hearing restored, 7 subjects improved and two had no change. At 25dB using the Speech-frequency criteria, not one of the subjects were totally restored, however, 11 had showed improvement, while 4 had no change and 3 missed a tone. The outcome of the limited study add further credibility to the story of the first chiropractic adjustment. The study concluded, "The observations documented in this case series provide limited support to previous works indicating that, when hearing is tested immediately after a single chiropractic adjusting visit, hearing might be improved in both ears."

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