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Healty Steps for 2007

A January 10, 2007 Business Wire release from the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress has launched an online "Health Seekers Calendar" created to give those that utilize it, simple to follow health steps in 2007. The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, is a non-profit organization committed to increasing public awareness of the advantages of chiropractic. Dr. Gerard W. Clum, president of Life Chiropractic College West, Hayward, California, and spokesperson for the Foundation begins by suggesting, ""Health and fitness related resolutions are typical for many individuals, however these goals often are side-tracked by unnecessary or painful injury." He procedes to note that many injuries in many cases are totally avoidable, as they are more often than not a result of good intentions but poor planning.

"After an extended duration of inactivity, so many people are too aggressive with an exercise program and should not rush to get back to an exercise routine, otherwise, a routine-stopping injury is likely, which makes it even harder to get back on the right course down the road," Dr. Clum insists. He continued, "One's resolution and enthusiasm to initiate change are certainly the 1st step, however, if these changes are derailed before results are seen or before they become permanent lifestyle changes, the probability of getting back on course is more remote." To help individuals get started on the path to being healthier, also to help them to stay on track, the Foundation offers an online calendar, that they note is, "filled with simple, fun and enjoyable action steps to aid individuals bring these four healthy living pillars into greater focus." The calendar is available on the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress website at www.foundation4cp.org . To view the calendar simply go to the site and click on "Health Seekers Calendar" link on the right of the home page.

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