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Health Plans Include Chiropractic & Alternatives

More insurance policies and companies are including what you call "complementary healthcare" to their plans. One particular agreement originates from PacifiCare signing a contract with Complementary Healthcare Plans to offer chiropractic along with other non-medical forms of care to their policy holders. Consumers also rate plans that include complementary procedures as high in satisfaction levels.
Landmark Healthcare services surveyed their members in 1998 and discovered that 87% gave a positive rating for their chiropractic services. Of those 72% stated that they were very, or completely satisfied. More companies including Landmark are providing chiropractic services as part of their health plans.
This movement follows the consumer trends reported inside the Harvard Medical School study which showed a growth well over 200 million visits to "alternative" healthcare providers from 1990 to 1997. Within the same time period there was a two million visit reduction in visits to medical providers.
This confirms that insurance providers are following the lead of consumers who are seeking chiropractic care in record numbers.

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