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About Brady Chiropractic & Nutrition

We've been delivering quality natural chiropractic health care for over a quarter century to thousands of patients of all age groups with a wide array of conditions.

Our approach is simple and common sense. Your health is your most valuable asset. If your health has been compromised in some way you have come to the right place. Our services are two-fold:

1. Relief and Rehabilitative Care 

Relief or wellness care... it's your choice.

Relief or wellness care... it's your choice.

Like you, most individuals seek care with one goal in mind: relief from the discomforts of their condition.

So that’s where we begin. During this initial period of intensive care, our job is to assist you in:

  • Uncovering the underlying cause of your health problem(s) 
  • Suggesting and delivering a care plan for fast results offering sensible ways for your participation in your recovery. 
  • Educating you on the prevention of future episodes, which is of the highest value. Maintaining a high level of "wellness" is, after all, the smart way to go. What you prevent you don't have to cure. 

2. Wellness Care 

We will encourage and help guide you toward achieving that high level of health. Through educational opportunities (such as this website and monthly newsletters along with in-office educational videos and brochures), we communicate the value of natural preventative health care and show you how to rise above the clutches of the prevailing "sickness" model of health (waiting for symptoms before taking action), and moving toward the emerging common sense and healthier model of building a health reserve where sickness is a rare or non-existent part of your life. Being healthy is the best way to prevent illness. In short, it means "living in balance." This is not only possible, it is being done by thousands of people who have discovered that life is just more fun when you wake each day feeling great. The Key: A better understanding of how your body works and the many options available to you to enhance your body's balance and improve your nervous system's function.

We pride ourselves in staying current with the best health research and literature, the most progressive advances in natural health care and ensuring your access to these scientific advances.

Ultimately, You’re the Boss

After your key symptoms are under better control, our role becomes more as a health coach. It’s your body, your health condition and your future. Our job is to point out some of your options and the different directions you might want to consider for further improvements in your health taking it to the highest possible level. Once you understand your options it is up to you to decide the route best for you and your level of  participation. 

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